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Robust depletion of disease-causing cells and agents

Dren’s team has profound expertise in antibody executed elimination of pathological cells

We selectively engage an effector cell for targeted depletion of diseased cells or agents

The company’s pipeline has two lead programs:

dren's targetDR-01 utilizes antibody-mediated killing of a cell type involved in leukemia, lymphomas and autoimmune diseases

  • dren's targetInitially targeting neglected HemOnc indications with no approved therapies

  • dren's targetExpansion into defined subsets of autoimmune diseases

monocyte cell

dren's targetDR-02 is an enhanced antibody-based platform for depletion of cells and disease-inducing agents through a novel MOA

  • dren's targetPotential applications in solid tumors, hematologic neoplasms, infectious diseases and protein aggregate diseases

  • dren's targetA proprietary monotherapy with multiple modes of action

    • dren's targetDirect depletion
    • dren's targetImmune stimulation
    • dren's targetTarget engagement
    • dren's targetAntigen presentation


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